Field of Studies and Issues

“Holocaust Studies: a Ukrainian Focus ” is an international peer-reviewed annual scholar journal published by the "Tkuma" Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies since 2002.

The journal covers the Holocaust and other genocides of the 20th century problems. Focusing mainly on Ukrainian issues, the edition intends to put them in the broad context of European and world history. The project aims to contribute to the development of Ukrainian Holocaust studies, to the inclusion of Shoah issue into the Ukrainian historical narrative and to expansion of scholar dialogue between domestic and foreign Holocaust researchers by publication of::

  • high-quality original research;
  • translations of important for Ukrainian studies texts focused on Holocaust issues;
  • sources and comments on them;
  • reviews on actual scholar works;
  • reviews of the most important scholar events..

The journal Editorial Board invites authors from Ukraine and around the world for cooperation and encourage to send materials related to the following areas:

• theoretical-methodological or generalizing works on the Holocaust issues;
• Comparative studies of the Holocaust in Ukraine and in other regions of the former USSR, Eastern and Western Europe; comparative analysis of historical and civilizational aspects of the Holocaust and other genocides;;
• studies of various aspects of the Holocaust in Ukrainian lands;
• regional and local studies of the Holocaust in occupied Ukraine;;
• political, social, cultural conditions of Eastern European Jews before and after the Holocaust;;
• historiographical and source studies;
• studies of Holocaust memorialization, memory politic and its public reception in Ukraine, Eastern Europe.