Plagiarism Policy

The Editorial Board of the journal "Holocaust Studies: a Ukrainian Focus" sees observance of academic integrity as one of the key principles of our publication. We categorically condemn all forms of plagiarism.

Our editors use special software: Detector Plagiarist, Antiplagiat, eTXT to identify possible text borrowings in the submitted materials. These programs allow us to calculate the percentage of plagiarism in the text. These calculations are additionally checked by the editors. In addition, the facts of plagiarism could be detected by experts during the review process.

At any stage of publication preparation, the authors of submitted materials are immediately informed about the facts of plagiarism detection in their texts.

If the detected amount of plagiarism is less than 25%, the paper is sent to the author for revision and proper link design.

If more than 25% of plagiarism is found, the paper is rejected from publication. Depending on the specific circumstances, the author could be recommended to improve the text by eliminating the signs of plagiarism and resubmit it to the editors. If it turns out that a large amount of borrowing was done deliberately (academic theft), the material is rejected and the author's institution/employer is informed about this fact.

If plagiarism is discovered after publication, the relevant parts of the article are marked in a PDF file. Depending on the scale of plagiarism, the document could also be fully withdrawn (deleted), and an announcement is made on the website of the journal "Problems of Holocaust history: the Ukrainian dimension".